Einführung in Körpersprache und nonverbale Kommunikation

Sollmann Einfuhrung in KorperspracheAuthor: Ulrich Sollmann

Body-language is like a forgotten mother-tongue: Everyone can speak, but only a few can really “read”. Popular training and popular books refer in a too simple i.e. technical way to this issue. Whereas this book mainly is based on the concept of Bioenergetic Analysis
Ulrich Sollmann’s book focuses especially on the interplay of personal experience and the observer’s awareness and recognition. The language of the body insofar connects the experience of the related people. This means: body-language and nonverbal communication always is: Expression and impression. Body-language is an interactive communicative dialogue which is embedded in a cultural and social context.

2013, Carl-Auer-Verlag, Heidelberg

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