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Sollmann Management by korperManagement by Körper - Körpersprache Bioenergetik Stressbewältigung

Author: Ulrich Sollmann

Stress management and regeneration are basic human requirements, which help to be successful under the intense demands of daily life and of the straining job. At the same time they help to feel personally relaxed and inspired. All this is based on the careful and specific analysis of one´s own stress-profile. The author points out:
•    Stress in daily life and the function of stress,
•    A stress-modell as melange of personality, patterns of behaviour and the influence of the setting,
•    The bioenergetic approach to analyse and to understand the personal stress-profile,
•    A unique concept of exercises which are mostly based on the bioenergetic analysis of Alexander Lowen ( more than 150 excercises, most of them are illustrated by photos ).
1.    Gymnastics for the soul: ( 14 pages )
2.    Bioenergetics: ( 123 pages )
3.    Stress-Modell: ( 18 pages )
4.    Expression of the body and personality: ( 13 pages )
5.    Stress-profile and bodylanguage: ( 43 pages )

4th edition - 1999, RoRoRo Verlag, Hambur

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