Begierige Verbote

Sollmann Begierige VerboteAuthor: Ulrich Sollmann

Sollmann’s book „Begierige Verbote“ is related to sexual abuse, Body-Psychotherapy and shame in relationship. It offers a very personal insight into what happens in a body-psychotherapy session which is characterized by concepts and practice of the Bioenergetic Analysis. He relates to the clients, he relates to what body-psychotherapy is and how it works and he relates to himself as a therapist and his personal experience as a person and related to the transference-level. It’s a very sensitive book which really respects, and which shows how important it is to respect the damaged and painful souls and bodies of people. It is remarkable insofar as it is the first book in German language where a bioenergetic therapist opens up himself so much in the way how he himself is involved in the process of therapy, in how far he is touched especially on the body level and how client and therapist encounter on the body level always being in touch with shame and its function.

1994, Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich

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