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The Board of Trustees has decided to establish three Awards. These IIBA Awards have been created to support clinical work, social work and research in the Bioenergetic community.

The Awards will be repeated at each future International Conference.

These awards are:
- Award for Research Proposal
- Youth Award for Clinical Work
- Award for Social Work

The Award Winners will be announced during each International Conference.


The criteria for participation are:

- Award for Research Proposal
Applicants must be an individual Member of IIBA or a collective of members of IIBA or local Society affiliated with IIBA
- Youth Award for Clinical Work
Applicants must be a student or CBT for less than 5 years, and a Member of IIBA
 - Award for Social Work and/or Social proposal
Applicants can be an individual Member of IIBA or a collective of members of IIBA or a local Society affiliated with IIBA


An Application for the Award must include the category one is applying for and a written presentation of the work or proposal which should not exceed 5000 words for the Research Proposal and 7000 words for the Clinical Work or Social Work Awards (The word limits exclude the bibliography). The Application must be submitted in Word format and in English. The Applicant’s name should only be on the Cover Page of the application. The content of the presentation must include the following elements depending on the category of Award.

• if the applicant is a group or a local society, the name of the person applying must be a representative of the group (this research proposal concerning Bioenergetic Analysis may also be in collaboration with a university or other body)
• an abstract and summary
• the research hypothesis with which he/she/they will operate
• the methodology to be used for testing
• the sample proposed
• the tools to be used
• the timeframe proposed for the research project
• the expected results to be obtained
• bibliography

• an abstract and summary
• diagnostic and psychotherapeutic processes for one or more clinical cases
• demonstrate an innovative clinical experience
• demonstrate its applicability and validity for other clinicians by reference to the literature
• contribution to the development of clinical bioenergetics
• bibliography

• if an applicant is a group or a local society, the name of the person which will represent the group
• abstract and summary
• a statement of the social situation the project or proposal is addressing
• an explanation of why this project or proposal is important
• the methodology used or to be used
• the tools used or to be used
• the results obtained or expected
• timeframe of the project (ongoing or finished) or of the proposal
• bibliography


The evaluation of the candidates’ papers will be made by a small team of referees, or jury members, representing the 3 regions of the IIBA. There will be a separate jury panel for each Award. Only the IIBA Administrator will know the identity of the applicants and Convenors and jury members will be presented with anonymous applications so that they do not know who has presented the proposal. In other words the judging will be a double-blind process.

To participate in any one of these awards, candidates must email their application to the IIBA Administrator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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